“Interesting phenomena occur when two or more rhythmic patterns are combined, 
and these phenomena illustrate very aptly the enrichment of information
that occurs when one description is combined with another.”

Gregory Bateson



Graham Barnes 
Psychotherapist, President of Inform Group

Torbjorn Jiredal
Marketing and Communication Expert, Sweden

Thomas Hylland Erikssen
Anthropologist, Ecologist, University of Oslo, Norway

Nora Bateson
President IBI, filmmaker, author, Educator, Canada and Sweden

Phillip Guddemi
Anthropologist,President Bateson Idea Group in USA

Tom Cummings
Professor in Business, specializing in leadership for social change, USA



Howard Kornfeld MD
Medical Director, Recovery Without Walls, Clinical Faculty, UCSF School of Medicine,
Medical Board of California, USA

Jeff Bloom
Education Complexity Curriculum development, USA

Branden Barber
Engagement and Development Professional, Environmentalist, Adventurer, USA

Rex Weyler
Ecologist, Author, Ecologist, Co-founder of Greenpeace, Canada

Fred Steir
Media Communications, University of Florida, USA

Rosalba Conserva
Education, Systems Theory, Italy, Circolo Bateson Co-founder, Italy

Jesper Hoffmeyr
Biosemiotics, Biology, Denmark

Imelda McCarthy
Family Therapist, Ireland

Tim Keanini
IT Expert, Chief Technical Research Officer & International Internet Security, USA

Betty Alice Erickson
Psychotherapy, Editor Erickson Foundation Newsletter, USA

Per Jensen
Education, Family Therapy, Norway

Stephen Nachmanovitch
Musician, Edcuator, Author of Free Play, (improvisation), USA

Serena Dinelli
Psychologist, artist, women's rights educator, Member of Circulo Bateson, Rome.

Barry Schwartz
Photographer, writer, designer, educator, USA